What Is Medicaid Spend Down in Virginia?

Aging can be a challenging experience for anyone. Older people are vulnerable to health conditions, financial instability, and even abuse. While most older adults look for elder abuse attorney near me to file abuse lawsuits, legal counsel is essential for other healthcare matters as well.

Medicaid is a program run by the federal and state government in a partnership that offers medical coverage to eligible people. Medicaid in Virginia is aimed at providing healthcare facilities to people who cannot afford medical care. Medicaid is provided on an eligibility basis and doesn’t require any enrollment fee.

If the elderly cannot look after their healthcare needs, they can apply for Medicaid in Virginia.

In this blog, we will discuss what is Medicaid spend down in Virginia.

What is Medicaid Spend Down?

Some families and individuals qualify for the Medicaid program but possess income that exceeds the medically needy limit. However, some of these people may be eligible for the Medicaid program if they are required to spend the excess income on medical care and hospital bills. This is referred to as a spend-down.

Medicaid Spend Down works similar to an insurance deductible. When your paid or unpaid medical bills are greater than your excess income, the Medicaid program will cover your bills. Medicaid only pays medical bills that are over the surplus income of a person. A person will have to pay the medical bills up to the excess limit.

If you are an elderly, disabled, or teenage mother and your countable income is higher than needed to be qualified for Medicaid, you can still be eligible for the program if you have to spend most of your medical bills.

Eligibility Criteria for Medicaid Spend Down in Virginia

Every state has the choice to establish a Medicaid eligibility program. States that choose to incorporate Medicaid must determine the parameters and criteria for eligibility. Since every state has different Medicaid programs, one must consult an elder law attorney to plan medical care.  

If your Medicaid assistance has been denied due to excess income, the government will notify you of the denial. The Virginia Medicaid attorney will then conduct a thorough evaluation of your resources to determine if your countable income is below your state’s maximum resource limit.

If your countable income is found to be below your household’s resource limit, you can apply for Medicaid spend-down. Once you have reached the spend-down amount, the authority will notify you to take the necessary action. Since such technical aspects of the Medicaid program can be confusing, one should consult a qualified lawyer.

Retitling or transferring your assets a few weeks or months before applying for Medicaid may attract a penalty. If you are an older person, it’s best to plan for long-term care and calculate the cost of medical bills in advance.

Even if a person has asset limits that exceed the income required to qualify for the Medicaid program, it doesn’t mean they will be deemed ineligible. Since there are various aspects to qualifying for Medicaid in Virginia, one must consult a lawyer to choose the best course of action.…