Dentures Vs Veneers

Teeth may be chipped or cracked due to various issues, which may be difficult to handle. One has to choose the best treatment option after examining the magnitude of the tooth condition. Teeth treatment options such as; dentures and veneers usually leave most people undecided. However, it would be important to know the difference between these treatments before making a choice.

What are Dentures? 

Dentures are a demount-able set of substitution teeth. Currently, there are two denture options, including full and partial. Partial dentures are the replacement teeth usually attached to a gum base. They are common among people who miss some teeth. Full dentures are used to replace all teeth. A patient who needs full dentures will have to be removed all the remaining teeth and wait until all tissues are healed before being fitted with the dentures. 

Meaning of Veneers

Veneers are tooth-colored covers made with ceramic or resin materials. They are normally used to improve the color, size, and shape of the unshaped tooth. It is usually placed over the tooth and therefore does not require tooth removal. Veneers are often used to cover stains, breaks, chips, or filling of gaps resulting from tooth loss. Some clinics manufacture their Veneers depending on the nature of the tooth problem present. Indirect veneers, called circles, are more significant because of their long-lasting properties. They can serve for a maximum period, but they require dentist visits.

What You Should Consider Before Making a Choice Between the Two


Veneers cost less than dentures because their replacements require few materials and steps taken during replacement. Dentures are more costly because they have a longer lifespan. Sometimes, dentures can be covered by insurance because they may spoil due to other factors. For veneers, because they are viewed as cosmetic solutions, they cannot be insured.


If you need faster solutions when visiting a dentist, then veneers are the ideal choice. Dentures can take up to months for them to be successfully fixed. However, dentists usually provide temporary crowns for those whose preference is dentures until when they are fixed.

The Nature of Your Dental Problem

Improper oral care always leads to dental problems other than cracking, chipping, or loss. However, loss of teeth is the most catastrophic condition among them because it can shift your jawbone, thereby leaving you with difficulty in speaking or changing your facial structure. Loss of teeth may also lead to the contraction of serious conditions such as; gum disease, diabetes, or even heart disease. Your eating ability will be altered, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is important to know which treatment option to choose to avoid further complications.

Hardness and Maintenance

Because of their structure, dentures are easier to maintain than veneers. A person who opts for veneers must follow many precautions to maintain them. Athletes who play contact sports should opt for dentures because veneers may be destroyed due to grinding of teeth when playing.

Final Word

Both options can boost your confidence and improve your smile. Dentures are mostly used for already destroyed teeth, while veneers are for healthy teeth. Experienced dentists can offer the best choice after examining your mouth.

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